The film Gurkha Warrior is the symbolic representation of the bravery and galant battle skills Gurkha Soldiers showed during the battles in the dense forests of Malaya, Brunei and Burma during the world wars. The story portrays Section Commander Corporal Birkha Bahadur as the lead and his subordinates who land in the jungle of Malaya for a rescue mission. During the mission the platoon faces a surprise attack by the enemy force one night and the platoon ends up scattered into several groups. Now, Corporal Birkha Bahadur must find his friends and subordinates. It is obvious that a soldier faces various hardships in the jungle during the war. He misses his family and home. During which a surprise attack from the enemy force is a significant blow upon the soldiers’ morale. Despite all these hardships Birkha Bahadur and his team lead a successful mission and prove that despite any hardships Gurkha soldiers are the best of any soldiers there can be. His team performs with all the gallantry and gives a serious blow to the enemy team.

During the mission Corporal Birkha Bahadur’s team moves on with all the energy they’ve got signifying the importance of Gurkhas in the army. Despite the yearning and love for motherland Nepal, their mothers, wives and families the soldiers perform their best with all the bravery and prove once again their dedication to the victory. Even though they might never see their motherland, mother, family and wife they fight without any fear of death. They are adamant to fight for their victory. make the enemy suffer and complete the mission at any cost their victory might claim from them.

Many died and several are lost. Some captured by the enemies. But they push forward their mission head-on. During the process they claim one small victory after another despite all the losses and hardships. Ultimately leading to the final victory. Gurkha Warrior is one small representation of thousands of such victorious stories of Gurkha Soldiers who fought at various world stages of the world war.